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Good graphic card under $110 in India

Consider MY config.
MOBO: MSI- 890gxm
CPU: Amd phenom II- 1090T
Memory: 8GB, 1033/MHz
onboard grapics: Ati raedon hd 4400 series
PSU: Cooler Master 350w
onboard soundcard : 7.1 Channel

I need a graphic card that has some good up-scaling. I am not much of a gamer but I watch a lot of movies. I'd also prefer a card with a digital tv tuner (optional).
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  1. i would like something that has a crossfire enabled..
  2. not a gamer and still need crossfire. r u sure about that?
  3. Radeon 6450.
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    if you want to crossfire in the future, first you need to change your 350 coolermaster power supply. even for a gfx card upgrade, i'd suggest a psu upgrade first. unless your psu is gold rated, which i doubt.
    a corsair cx 500 v2 (for single card) and a radeon 6770. since you claim yourself a non-gamer, you can get an even cheaper and less powerful card like radeon 6570.
    for crossfire, try something like a corsair tx 750 v2.
    tv tuner: are you looking for something like these?
    these have different resolutions and are different from discreet graphics cards.
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