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I was wondering if any one could help me, basically, today I got up, went to turn my computer on and it won't turn on. I left it as had to go to work and came back now after a few hours and it still won't turn on.

Few things that I've done which usually fixed this sort of problem:

- Changed power leads
- Took out all power connectors from mother board and reconnected them to make sure none came lose
- Took out ram and refitted to make sure it wasn't lose

Now, what gets me is, my motherboard has never had an LED ,so I can't check that, the other thing is, should the power supply make the fans run when I press the power button? Even if my computer won't turn on? I suspect the power supply may be at fault here but I don't know, I must say in the last few days it's been randomly just switching itself off while playing video game.

A bit of history as well, I bought all the parts here in overclockers in January last year so hopefully, it may all still be under warranty with the manufacterer, but ever since I bought it, my computer sometimes would not switch on, it would be really random, usually I'd fix it by removing the 24pin ATX cable from the MB connector and plugging it back in, as it only happened maybe once every 4 weeks I lazily just let it like that since it was too much hassle to send everything back after buying it.

Is there any way I can test the motherboard to see if it's dead? I found a PSU tester in a shop in the high street I might just get that but I don't know what to do about the MB.

PC specs if relevant:

GPU: GTX 460
CPU: AMD Phenom 955
MB: gigabyte/ga-880gm-ud2h
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 520w

I'd really appreciate some help, I might just go out again to get the PSU tester but if any one has any ideas let me know, if it's not the PSU then I really have no idea how to see if it's the motherboard or the CPU, I don't have a spare computer or spare parts to use for testing.
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  1. Sounds like a dead PSU.

    Before spending money on a tester, you can do a quick check with a paperclip to see if you're getting any power. Here are a couple of links:
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