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i was wondering how i should install the new drivers, just update auto through the nvidia control panel, or should i uinstall drivers old and install the drivers freshly new.

if i should do the uinstall how do i do that?

i got the gtx 680 driver version 301.10 and want to upgrade to 301.42

so what is the best way to do it?
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  1. i always turn off auto update for graphics drivers, download form the web site. uninstall from windows control panel then boot into safe mode and use driver sweeper to clean up anything else.

    reboot and install new drivers.
  2. a specific guide?
  3. go to nvida and download drivers using the Manual Driver Search:
    uninstall using Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
    select Nvidia graphics driver and click on uninstall
    reboot into safe mode pressing F8 after post and select "safe mode"
    run driver sweeper and select Nvidia graphic drivers.
    reboot normally.
    go to download folder and double click the file you downloaded from Nvidia to install.

  4. isn't there something about i should clean something from the registry
  5. driver sweeper helps with that.

    i have used Ccleaner but it threw off the re-boot entry that driver sweeper enters. to make the process more "fluid" i found not to use it.
  6. ok so i need to download driver sweeper, but can't seem to find there official homepage, should i just download it from cnet+
  7. thanks i will try that is also a good idea to update intel usb 3.0 drivers or does it not matter?
  8. if they are working fine now, i'd leave it alone. "if it aint broke don't fix it"

    but if you do use a usb3 device in the future and have problems . .you'll know where to look first.
  9. ok thanks for the help?
  10. your welcome?

    is there something you're worried about?
  11. is there any problems with the new nvidia driver?
  12. no, everyone on the kepler thread loves it.
  13. sarcasm?
  14. no not at all.
  15. do i need to remove all things with nvidia in the name like nvidia physx and hd audio graphic card driver and alle things or just the graphic card driver
  16. alle=all
  17. just the graphic driver unless the others, physX and audio is updated. then just select graphics driver when installing.
  18. ok tak:)
  19. sorry meant ok thanks
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