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Just got a new motherboard today, and its freezing after BIOS. I reinstalled windows and it worked fine after a clean install of windows. Got some drivers put in and then it went back to freezing after BIOS. Any ideas?

Will post specs if needed, but the motherboard is a gigabyte g1 sniper m3
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  1. It might be one of your drivers causing the problem. If you have a bad/incorrect driver installed, it will create problems on your computer. Or, you may have bad sectors in your HDD, where some of the areas of your hard disk's "space" is bad, so memory stored there get corrupted. If it's so, then you need to get a new HDD.
  2. after instal windows .update drivers from windows update it will fix all problem and all drivers are uptodate.
  3. Restore bios to default settings before install windows
  4. So you guys think its not the mobo? Also its not letting me boot from disk now and only does if I CMOS reset.
  5. Check your SATA port settings. Make sure RAID not selected, and try IDE if AHCI and vice versa (Peripherals in BIOS)
  6. there arnt any IDE ports, only AHCI :/. raid isnt selected.
  7. You should be able to select IDE mode for your SATA ports on the SATA Mode Selection Tab. Actually AHCI should work with Windows 7, but if for some reason it's not try IDE to see if that works.
  8. Try booting into Safe Mode by pressing F8, if successful try disabling items in Startup to see what's preventing normal boot.
    Other possibilities, check out your RAM by running with one stick removed at a time. Also if poss download and burn Seatools for DOS to a disk so that you can boot from the disk and check out your HDD.
    Double check all RAM sticks and your GPU are seated properly.
  9. i tried setting it the IDE earlier today just because, ill try some more ram combos tomorrow but tonight ive tried pretty much everything i can think of
  10. RAM a high possibility, nothing much works if it fails!
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