Help a Girl out #3.Please help me with this build!

Hello guys! Well all the components have arrived and we are ready to build this weekend. Please direct me to an online tutorial or basic guide for the assembly of this build. I am rusty and have not assembled a system in 3 years and am especially concerned about the cooler placement on the CPU. On the Coolermaster site it claims this cooler will fit the LGA 1155 CPU's but on the video it only showed the bracket positions for the 1156 as well as other CPU's. Anyway, I could just use some advice as to the proper order of the build with these components. I realize a step by step tutorial would be too long for a forum post but perhaps a link to a great guide on Tom's or elsewhere?

Many thanks!!
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  1. Newegg video tutorials(about 1 hr a piece, but ver, very informative):

    Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3:
  2. Also, on the CoolerMaster coolers, they fit 1155, since it's exactly like 1156, but the box doesn't say so. It will work.
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