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Every month or so one company tops another for fastest Burner. Now the 24X models are out. I just brought a 16x Plextor. Now I see 16X CD-Rs discs everywhere but has anyone seen 10X CD-RW discs? I haven't seen anythign faster than 4X for CD-RW discs. Any recommendations?


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  1. I myself haven't seen them in any retail stores in my area, but yes, they're available - I think I remember people saying they were available in their areas and also on the web. Sorry, I can't give you a pointer.

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  2. Funny On my lunch break today I saw some. But they don't seem to sell them in bulk.

  3. they do exist.
    i got one (1) when i got my new system with ricoh 12x10x32x burner.
    think it was made by teac.

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  4. Many, if not all, CDRW drive retail packages will come with a CDRW certified for writing at at least their rewrite speed.

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  5. teac make them and they can be purchased from PCworld. unfortunatly this is a U.K store.

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  6. <A HREF=" Product Code=TDK80SP50&-Find" target="_new">It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...</A>
    <A HREF=" Product Code=TDK10RW50&-Find" target="_new">Fast media!</A>

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  7. aye, and pc world probably charge a fortune for them, are they still selling boxes of 10 cdr for £11.99?
    LOL I get 25 for less than that

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  8. has the 10X CD-RW's. Do a search for Media cd-rw #pack 10X. Replace the # sign with a number,10,20,25,50,100,200. For 100 10X CD-RW the price is expensive $85 + shipping. I recomend buying CDR's

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  9. I personally want to try their stuff:

    they're unlike all the rest and made in the US. rhyme :)
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