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I will be purchasing a server for my use at home. Mostly for running a website, some VM's and etc.
It will not be running 24/7 but if it's possible, I would like to run it 24/7.

Anyway, the server will by running in my room and I am not able to purchase a portable air conditioner for it.
I am at Hawaii so my room does get pretty hot, around 85 - 90 Degrees.

So the question is, would I still be able to run a server in my room ? I read this Intel report that says I could use outside air to keep it cool ? but the outside air is not that cool to begin with.

What do you guys suggest I should do to run this server safely ?

Thank you
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  1. Just get one with a 65 watt CPU and you should be fine.
    The outside air in question is the air outside of the PC.

    The inside of a PC can be quite warm (to us) and it will not do any harm to the PC.

    PS: 88 F / 31 C isn't really that hot.
  2. Temperature won't be your problem. Any half decent server machine will just trundle away in your heat. What may be more of a bugbear will be noise. I would try and get a very quiet running server, especially if you plan to run this 24/7 from your bedroom. You've got to sleep in there afterall and you don't sleep as well if there's a whine in the background, I don't anyway.
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