Now I'm sad

I saw the cooler master haf 932 amd edition and want it so bad wish I could buy it somewhere :(
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  1. Don't tease me proto! Lol it's discontinued
  2. Scott don't take this wrong man but mwah!!! Love you lol!
  3. Don't double post, don't make useless topics.
  4. Hehe we still have it here in india

    But you'll have to buy it from here and then have it shipped to wherever you live.
  5. have you looked on ebay?
  6. Yup useless topic about a case so useless people helped me find it :) nice in India lol and ya intel they just have the side panel lol but I've found some refurbished ones so thanks to all that helped me find it you rock :)
  7. I was going to add if you just wanted the side panel you can buy that directly from CM and use it on the regular 932
  8. Hey I was thinking about that pop might paint it too make it like that I found a refurbished one for 102 bucks idk if that's good
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