Computer crashing. GPU degrees over 100 degrees.

Hello, lately my computer has been crashing whilst running certain games, (WoW:MoP, Dark Souls, Diablo 3). My GPU temperature would reach 105 degrees usually and would hover around this amount, it sits on idol around 70-80 degrees (with msi-afterburner controlling the computer fan) and my own fan running constantly on the outside of my tower. When the computer crashes it goes to a black screen whilst making a "bzzz" sound, and the only way to stop it is to restart my computer.

My specs are:
Intel i5 650 @ 3.20GHz
Gateway DX4840
Nvidia GeForce GT320.
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  1. You may want to replace your video card (and underclock it by 20% or so) and perhaps your Power Supply Unit too.
  2. There's something wrong. Open and clean up your system. Remove the graphics card and check it visually.
  3. Yeah I opened up the side panel just before. Tonnes of dust is was pretty much everywhere. I'm probably going to just clean it out tomorrow as it's in the night here in Australia, and I'll post my findings then, thanks.
  4. 100c your on the verge of killing the card due to heat.
    Your going to have to strip the cooler off my friend and clean all of the thermal paste off the Gpu die, re apply some good quality thermal paste spreading it in a thin layer across the Gpu die and any other Dies that contact with the cooling plate. clamp it all back together so it tight.
    Make sure the fan is spinning on the card also. And give it a good dusting :)
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