Sorry guys! im new here trying to learn about the computer networks. my question

sorry guys! im new here trying to learn about the computer networks. my question is, in my accomadation i have wireless internet connection,the technician has fixed something in the top of the house looks like square plate i don\'t know wat is dat and he ran a one end of the rj45 from there to the netgear and connected to the accespoint. while he was doing that before he pluged that cable in to the netgear he put the rj45 cable in his laptop and typed ping in cmd mode.. my question is why would he do the ping and what it does? pls help me replying
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  1. Arjun, welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    The wireless router must be setup using a laptop or a desktop computer. This is done by connecting an RJ-45 (CAT5/6) cable between the 2 devices. After doing that, the SSID must be assigned, and password (or pass-phrase) protected using WPA2 (WEP is not very effective). Pinging will ensure that the device is working properly. After that, the device is ready for use.

    This is explained very well in the router manual.
  2. Thank u very much for replying indeed! is it possible to get a wireless connection through the antennas from far distance? because as u said router setup, i dont see any router around my accomadation but there is a wireless network connection in my office with the different SSID it is around 200 meters far from my accomadation. I was thinking he might have linked that wireless network connection through the antenna which is on my roof top. Is it possible?? Pls reply me thanks in advance..
  3. The usual wireless range for a good signal is about 300 feet (~ 100 meters). However, if there are no obstructions between your computer wireless antenna and the source of the wireless signal, you may be able to get a signal of decent strength.

    Just try it.

    In Win 7, select 'Network and sharing center', then select 'Connect to a network'. This will show you the networks available along with the signal strength. With the owner's permission, you may connect to his/her network. Some secure networks require a password to connect.

    I am NOT advising you to connect to someone else's private network. This is not legal without express permission.

    Public networks in libraries, colleges, schools, hotels, community centers, may have free wireless connections.
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