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New case!

Well, the time has come for a new case, and I need it to be a bit different than all my other case's that I have had.
Basically a Micro ATX Case, for grab and go, but supports full sized ATX, and doesn't have to be grab and go, basically it should look something like an HTPC Case.

The reason for this is the dimensions on my new desk for the computer case area, well, long story short, Ikea is stupid, and doesn't know what they are doing, and doesn't know how to label anything properly, I don't want to take it back, due to this unique experience.

I looked around a bit, and I found this guy:
Cooler Master HAF XB

Never heard of it before, no idea how either, Just managed to go right around it, but it seems right for my situation, I need the case to fit these things.

Sapphire 7950, Hyper 212, EVGA Supernova NEX750G (750 watt fully modular PSU) and a little wiggle room for an extra 7950, and possibly water cooling.

Doesn't matter on how many drive bays, I would like maybe 2-4, plus 1 external slot, for a Blue ray-cd-dvd combo read/writer, you know, the works.

That is the best I could find, preferably between 80-120$, thats the preferable area I would like to spend, anything less than that I'm fine with!

I should have covered all the information you will need, but if you need anything else, ask away.
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  1. Well, that does look pretty sexy, I will admit, but I can't spend that much money on it, I really wish I could, I'll see if I can stretch the budget to 175$

    I'll edit this when I find out.

    EDIT: Yeah I can do 175$
  2. Well let me search again :D
  3. Anything else?
  4. prototype18 said:

    Well, I thank you for your effort, But I think I have settled on that cooler master case that I found in the first place.

    Thanks again.

    (I'll wait a bit on giving you best answer, see if anyone else has to say anything.)
  5. Best answer
    Sure :)

    Well i found some others :D

    Ok so thats all that i could find in the internet(us sites) and within your budget :)
  6. Well, that list was huge, but again, none of them are exactly what I was looking for, it really seems that the cooler master case wins this one for me.
  7. Well thats all i could find. Srry i cant help you :)

    Good Luck !
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