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I've tried do a search on this to no real aval, I'm building a system using the Fractal Design R3 case however I'm unsure on how to connect the fan controller it comes with.
I'm using a Corsair 850W psu and Intel P877-V LX motherboard.
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  1. looks like u use the 1 into 3 plug supplied for the fans but it need a power lead adapter also which wasn't added in , bummer, u should be able to get a molex to 3 pin adapter to run from the power supply to the fan controller
  2. I've got it hooked up via convert plugs supplied by corsair to the psu however there is a plug large 4-pin plug that corsair has a converter for which changes it too a small 4-pin plug with a little guide pin in the middle of one side and a large one just of centre on the otherside, I can't see a connection for it on my motherboard though.

    Any ideas?
  3. the power gets plugged into the controller not the motherboard
  4. the controller should have come with a Molex 4 pin adapter that plugs into the PSU (Molex) and the fan controller. the fans plug directly into the fan controller (small 3 pin connectors)
  5. my mistake , watched another clip on youtube and i see that the molex does have the smaller power pin attached to it
  6. I've got it working now, but what is the small 4-pin connected to the larger 4-pin molex(?) far as I can find it's for connecting floppy drives?
  7. the molex adapter supplied has one power input which feeds through to another large 4 pin output and at the same time to the smaller 4pin out put which is used to power the fan controller
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