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GTX 560 + PCI-E Adapter

I was wanting to run a GTX 560 Ti 2gb but my current PSU doesn't have a single PCI-E connector.

My old CoolerMaster eXtremePower 500w has one PCI-E and I have an adapter.

Would I be able to run this 560 off of my old PSU? If so will I be able to OC still?

Current rig?:

Power Supply?:

Video Card?:
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  1. Well CM dsnt make good PSU(silent series only). So i suggest a new PSU

    That 560 needs ~220W and 560 ~220W on peak so i suggest getting a XFX 550W Core Pro for 54$ at ncix
  2. Use old coolermaster psu Or buy new psu
  3. ATX 2.01 standards vs 2.3 or w/e. Power supply won't supply enough to the vid card to power it?
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    Well that PSU its not really strong. You have 16A on 12 V rail (you have 2 rails). And 192W on each rail.

    I cant find any review about that PSU but i think it will handle it but w/o OC.

    That 560 Ti needs 16.7A+ on 12 V rail .

    So 200W GPU
    95W Cpu
    15W Hdd
    25W Dvd
    16W RAm

    And you need 25A for CPU and GPU .

    So to end it here i recommend buying a new PSU. Maybe XFX 550W Pro Core for 54$
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