Should i buy an used GPU?

Hello, i m looking to buy a new GPU for my PC. My budget is around 90$. I m wondering is it smart to buy an used GPU? i can get hd 4870 512 GDDR5 256Bit for 75$, i wonder if that is a good deal, also is hd 4870 much slower than hd 6850 or they are not too far in performance?
Also other option i have is to shell out more money for GTX 295 1792MB GDDR3 896Bit (60$ more, wich makes it 135$, so is there any card @ 135$ price point that is faster than gtx 295??).
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  1. imo don't buy a used gpu unless the seller is a trusted one. how about you get a radeon hd 6670 or gt 440 for $65 as stated here,3107-2.html
  2. Well i m planning on buying a PC but since my budget is really tight ($300) i m considering buying all used parts from an website where lots of people sell and buy used stuff. There is even HD 6970 for 200$ with 2 years warranty left, but sadly, it is far out of my budget.
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