Static Noises

Here's the brief explanation.

I had seagate 160gb IDE hard disk, was working all fine. Then I added another 40 gb IDE hard disk. The problem was the hard disk caused static noises in the speakers. For eg. when I am playing music I dont hear anthing. But, when I open any folder in the 40 gb harddisk, I here very irritating noises. Like scratch noise. To be more specific the noises are very strong when for eg. a music folder is opened and it takes some time to show the details about the songs in the "details" view. Also any operations on this HDD is very slow. It takes 15 mins to copy 400 mb files into this hard disk and also from this hard disk. The 160 gb hard disk works just fine.

After few months I re-installed the OS, formatted the problem causing hard disk and it was fine. But, the hard disk itself makes sort of clicking sound when files are accessed.

Now the new problem is I added one more hard disk. (1 TB, segate, SATA) it had no problems at all. But, I'm having the same problem with this hard disk now. The previous one works just fine.

I am not sure if its hardware related issue or software.

Anybody please help!!
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  1. Well are you saying that even the new sata 1TB is having that problem ? Or only that IDE.

    If only the IDE its a old HDD and they make mechanical sounds. I know that experience . Thats why SATA now no more IDE
  2. No, issue is not the mechanical sounds.
    And I am experiencing this problem in SATA hard disk.
  3. Are you sure that sound comes from the HDD ?

    Tell me your specs
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