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Hello guys,
In my country
Gigabyte HD 7870 OC and sapphire HD 7950 OC are exactly the same price

Which one is better? and what is the performance difference between them?
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  1. that sounds strange but the HD7950 is the faster card.
    See here:

    Yes, I know it's a different review! Just check the benchmarks ;)
  2. Yes strange .. That is why I made this topic, I did some search and found out that 7870 sometimes outperforms the HD 7950 by at most 5 FPS or less which I think due to the faster stock clock. So I wanted to see your opinions about that
  3. the higher the number in the same series the faster the card will be, which place is selling them for the same money?
  4. Only in my country Egypt <3

    see this.. sometimes it outperforms it
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