How to know if my processor is bottlenecking graphics card?

hi guys,

i suspect that my processor is bottlenecking my graphics card so i wonder if anyone could give me signs or symptoms of bottlenecking? my processor and graphics card:

geforce gtx 560 ti sonic edition
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  1. One obvious one is bad performance in games.
  2. Well, it's mostly just getting bad performance out of a decent/good setup. A mistake people commonly make is that they think they can just go ahead and buy a very high-end GPU for gamers, but for the CPU they would get a cheap or not so mid/high-end one. See what I mean? Here's an example:

    nVidia 690 GTX 4GB

    i3 2300

    See? It would not bottle neck if it was turned into this:

    nVidia 690 GTX 4GB

    i5 2500k/i7 2700k or better.

    Notice the difference as well as what I'm saying?
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