Help Uninstalling Video Drivers?

Hi i want to go back to a previous version of my ati driver , which is before the roll back option. I was told to use driver cleaner by the ati company, and uninstall the drivers off of device manager, But i did this and when i rebooted the system had wiped the card entirely, and the card wasn't detected by the hardware wizard, so downloading the driver was no use. (bear in mind this was in safe mode) so would rebooting in normal mode, get the hardware card regonised, also i have avg protection if that could be stopping it? I would prefer step by step instructions of the whole process if you don't mind, thanks :)
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  1. I don't understand the problem. Use driver cleaner or driver sweeper to remove the video driver, then reboot. Then install the driver.

    Why are you worried about hardware wizard?
  2. Because when i download the driver , it doesn;t give me the option to download the display driver, it just shows sound, as my graphics card isn;t dected.
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