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I have recently built my new PC and the first thing I noticed is the GPU fan noise (= Really loud, gets annoying to a point where I worry whether my GPU is defective or not).

Now, I tried the MSI Afterburner software to adjust my GPU fan speed to lower the fan sound (I hope I used the program correctly with 'start with windows' & 'start with minimized' and set my fan curve), however, It will not do any change to my GPU fan. The AB says that my fan speed % is at 40 % although I set it to 25 % (min), at just 40 % the fan sounds even louder than my Xbox360 fan which is really messed up. This PC is not only for gaming but for my daily uses for schools/etc. If I have to do homework/studying, this constant loud fan sound will just disturb me.

I am now wondering if this fan speed & sound that I am getting is the MAX speed the fan is set to originally? or is it possible that my GPU is defective?

FYI, my idle temperature is around 38-40 C and when I run diablo 3 or LoL, it goes up to around 50-60 C with constant fan speed/sound.

Please help me fix this!!


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  1. You shouldn't be having any noise issues with this card. It should run extremely quietly compared to every reference card.

    "The other positive to note here is the Windforce cooler is quieter than any reference Nvidia design by a longshot. The noise signature isn't annoying either, so even when the fans do ramp up they're not hampered by any high-pitched or whining noise that we often find on Nvidia's competition cards. Well done, Gigabyte. "

    I can tell you from experience that this card (mine is a gtx 670, not 6870) is orders of magnitude quieter than my previous 550 ti, so either they changed the design or you have a faulty one.
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