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How much do you care about scratches?

I was using my build yesterday and I decided to use one of the USB ports at the top. After I was done with the cable, I let it fall (it was an ipod connector) and it hit the top of my case. I checked, couldn't find any scratches, but now I'm worried I made something microscopic or something :P. I'm really OCD about my electronics, but I'm not sure- are scratches on the case something to worry about?
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  1. Your case is there to hold and protect it's contents, looking good comes a distant third but is still important. Scratches are nothing more than cosmetic, minor dents still aren't a problem. It's when you get big dents you should start worrying as it means someone is seriously abusing your case and the contents are in danger of damage.
  2. OK thanks, do do scratches not fall in your definition of looking good (at least minor ones)?
  3. Also, can I add a poll to the topic?
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    vance09 said:
    OK thanks, do do scratches not fall in your definition of looking good (at least minor ones)?

    This largely depends on how you want to define looking good. Personally, I like a simple design which is well laid out, some might call it functional. Others might like a case which has lots of angles, a front door for the drive bays, fancy designs on the front or side of it. Whatever you go with you've got to come to terms with the simple fact that it will get damaged. What you've got to decide is 1). how/if you plan to prevent it and 2). how/if you are going to fix it once it does happen.

    I have an acceptance that my case will pickup scratches and dents because of my handling of it and the LAN party events I attend. This is because it rubs against other things in the boot of my car and I use it as a dumping ground at the events. How much damage I actually see depends on how close I get to the case as most is small, others is a bit bigger. I make no attempt to fix them because I'm not that skilled, I can't be bothered and I know it'll pickup more damage anyway.
  6. OK, thanks that helps a lot really.
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