Will us components work in the uk

So. Have recently discoverd stuff in US is much cheaper liege n new egg.com I will get the PSU in UK for power related reasons but will the rest of the parts be ok? Please note this includes the monitor. But no keyboard of mouse. I don't need to worry about shipping cost or anything and I release new egg doesn't ship to the uk but my dad has container blah blah and friend in us blah blah so will the parts be fine in he UK? thanks so much guys :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. And is newegg a good site???.?
  2. Newegg is a good site, I use it all the time.

    I'm guessing it should work fine with a UK power supply. I think you guys use like 230V right? I don't really know.

    All I know is that it should.
  3. Yes. I saw on another forum site that the monitor wont work? is that true? its ASUS 24" LCD 2ms 1080p. Oh and thank you
  4. I wouldnt see why the monitor wouldnt work. Maybe because it doesnt use the same voltage.
  5. Ok thanks :)
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