Replacing Processor and Motherboard

As title I'm looking for a set of processor and motherboard to replace with mine right now.

I'm currently using AMD A6-3600 with a micro ATX motherboard.

I'm looking for a better processor (around 2.8-2.9Ghz+ with Quad core) doesn't matter if its AMD or Intel

A compatible motherboard (whethere it's AMD or Intel you pick above) ATX (not Micro) with USB 3.0, SATA 6.0 and max RAM 16GB+, if it's 2x PCI Express would be a plus but not required.

Oh if you need know, I'm using 620W PSU, a DVD Burner, one SSD with HIS 7850 GPU.

Prefer a budget below $250 ..

I got all other parts taken care of.

Thank you!
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