Need help in finding 3 components for gaming. budget of $350 (Sing dollars)

Hi guys, I need your help in finding a:
1) Mechanical Keyboard
2) Graphics Card
3) 120 Hz monitor

all these items should have a combined price of $350-400 max. i wouldn't mind the graphics card/monitor to be of an older model, as long as i can run First Person Shooter (FPS) games like BF3,COD,TF2.etc on medium to medium low resolution. All i require is for the graphics to be at least a little bit aesthetically pleasing, but my main priority is for the frame rate to be smooth.

i am currently running on a rather tight budget, so i would appreciate it if you guys could suggest some value deals with the links. Thanks!
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  1. Mechanical keyboard:
    Usually even walmart but I suggest fry's electronics or bestbuy, you can get Micro Innovations, Inland or even a Logitec KB for $10.
    Graphics card depends on the motherboard in your system, are you running a "mechanical" AGP or do you have PCI-E slots ?
    I suggest AMD because they beat nVidia in any 3D game comparison on framerates and AA. at $90.00 not too bad.
    The newest LED might have a model with a vertical refresh of 120hz but it will NOT be in your budget, Try this one instead at $180
  2. Why did you link him a typerwritter article for a keybd? LOL

    Sorry I dont know any singapore places to check pricing or availability.

    This is about the cheapest decent mechanical keybd I know of.

    And AMD 7850 2gb is about $170 here with the 7870 being around 240 if you can afford it.

    120hz lcd panel? Probably not going to happen in your budget.
  3. What's it do add clicking sounds ???
    I just gave in and got the MS Wave Split KB (USB/PS2) for $40.
    They forced Micro Innovations to stop making clones of theirs years ago.
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