Computer Freezes Up

about a year ago i built my pc, and for the last couple of months when playing games (leauge of legends mostly)
about 30-50 min into the game, my computer just freezes and locks up with out reason, i have to hold the restart or power button for a bit to get it to restart, it doesnt always happen, but when it does i get mighty angry. what do?

the specs:
i7- 930 @3.20 GHz
EVGA gtx 460v1 1 GB
6x2gb G.skill 1333 ddr3
ocz vertex3 120g & WD 1tb green hdd
kingwin 850w psu
antec 900

at first i thought the gpu was overheating so i ran furmark for about 2hrs and the temps were fine, then i thought it could be the ram so i ran memory test and all was good, so now i am at an impasse :pt1cable:
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  1. have you tried updating your bios.
    (what is your mobo?)

    or possibly if that does not work clear your c-mos
  2. did anything help?
    did you try updating your bios and clearing your cmos?
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