Which cables to plug in for CPU. help.

I'm having trouble with which cables to plug in for the cpu. The manual helps a little but im not entirely sure if I'm correct.

I have a Maximus V Formula, and I7 3770k, and an antec high current pro 750w.

there is a 8-pin and a 4-pin slot on the mobo for the cpu i believe. The power supply came attached to it a 24-pin, 2x 4-pins tied together, and 2x cables with a 6-pin and a 2-pin. I know the 24-pin is the main one, and where it goes. I believe the 6-pins with the 2-pins are for my graphics card. But the 2x 4 pins, one matches the "shapes" of the pins the other one doesn't. Does my CPU only need one 4-pin? 4-pin all together i believe it says is 24v.
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    Use the 4+4 pin and use the 8pin connector on the board. Your CPU will run with only 4pin but for max overclocking it is better to use the 8 (4+4)
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