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Reminder on how to roll back drivers

I have two MSI 2gb 560ti's in sli and in the last week or so I was asked to update drivers automatically. I went ahead and updated drivers but I've been unstable ever since (never had a lock up on this build and two or three this week now). Can someone just remind me how to roll back to the previous drivers for a while?

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  1. Forget about rolling back, download and install the latest 301.42 WHQL drivers from the Nvidia website:

    Select the "Clean Install" option and only install the driver components that you need. At a minimum you should be installing the graphics driver and the physx driver. If you don't use 3D Vision or HDMI Audio, then don't install those.

    This is what is currently on my drivers for both cards. Is it something other than this that I should be updating to further?
  3. That's the latest 301.42 driver. If you're having trouble with it. Uninstall them from the Windows Control Panel, restart, then reinstall using the "Clean Install" option. Stick with it, because I'm sure it's an installation problem, not an issue with the driver revision.
  4. If you still have problems with the latest drivers then uninstall them and re-install the older version that you had; if you remember it.

    New drivers can fix old issues and introduce new ones as well.
  5. Is there not a way to just roll back to the previous drivers then?
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    axlrose said:
    Is there not a way to just roll back to the previous drivers then?

    Computer>right-click Properties>Device Manager>Display Adapters>expand selection GTX 560>right-click Properties>Driver tab>Roll Back Driver
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  8. Thanks axl, but we really wish you and slash would kiss and make up.
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