Is it possible to upgrade a graphics card on an All-in-One PC?

I am currently using an HP All-in-One Touchsmart 320 pc. I know you can upgrade RAM, but I wanna know if I can upgrade my gfx as well. It currently has an AMD Radeon HD 6410D. Any help is appreciated.
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    I don't know if it voids warranty if you open your your all-in-one. Also, you have to check your manual if there is a layout of inside your computer. Then you have to measure how big your graphics card is and if there are PCI-E slots. I am assuming you can't install anything in there, possibly changing RAM is an option for you.

    Your graphics is integrated meaning it is on your motherboard and you cannot remove it.
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  3. Thank you.. I will read the manual and find out what I can, however I am doubtful.
  4. No problem. Upgrading a graphics card is a great thing. But some computers don't give you the option to install one.
  5. the AMD Radeon HD 6410D sounds very much like onboard graphics. i would say there is a 90% chance you WILL NOT be able to do a graphics card upgrade.

  6. I have a Acer Aspire all in one Z3760. I Have been able to introduce new graphic cards to it. So that you can be able to upgrade graphic you need to purchase a graphic riser that will give you ample room to install next gen graphics without losing the Big HD screen. Mine cureently has a GT Geforce 730. you need to mold the case at the back though to make room. I plan to install a liquid cooler rather than a fan. These models have good display especially for gaming. I am experimenting whether a new mother board can be installed. All I know is that the Z3760 has been somewhat designed to take upgrades because there is surprisingly ample space that you can work with.
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