Problems with asus sabertooth 990fx


just recently bought an asus sabertooth 990fx mobo and was faulty so got a replacement.
now the second mobo is showing the same problems.
dont no weather or not the mobo is faulty again or its my other components.

current spec is:
athlon ii x3 425 2.7ghz
asus sabertooth 990fx
8gb ddr3 ram
xfx radeon hd 6870
1tb western digital hdd
dvd/cd rw
corsair cx500 psu

everything was taken out of my computer, i only upgraded the mobo, but all parts work fine.
windows 7 has been reinstalled 3 times.

when i turn the pc on the boot screen flashes about 10 times before i can read it (where it says F1 for bios) and then when it gets past this it crashes when the windows sign appears.
the only way to make it boot properly so i can access windows its to reset it with the cmos (whatever its called)

can anyone diagnose the problem? is it the mobo? or psu?

thanks alot
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  1. The Sabertooth actually overclocks the processor by default, lol... turn all of the overclocking options off.

    So reset CMOS.
    Press F1 to enter the BIOS.
    Change to Advanced Mode.
    Go to AI Tweeker, and set AI Overclock Tuner to Manual
    Then just make sure everything is at stock settings.

    I bet what is happening is its unlocking your 4th core, and it is actually faulty so you cant use it.
  2. ok ill try it cheers,
    is my psu enough for what ive got? otherwise ill buy a new one, ive been looking at a corsair gs800 if thats any better.

    if i try this and it still dont work, whats my next move?

    thanks alot
  3. p.s ive already tried to turn the 4th core off aswell lol
  4. PSU might be a tad small, I only have a 600W and I dont notice any problem, so you have tried to change everything to its stock settings and still not any better?
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