CPU and Memory 100%

Intel i5 2500k
AsRock extreme 4 mobo
Sapphire 7870 gpu
8gb gskill ripjaw memory 1600
thermaltake 700watt power supply
OCZ agility 3 SSD
Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD

Nothing OC'd

It happened to me a while back when I tried to run Dirt 3 from steam the cpu and memory usage shot up to 100% and locked up the computer so I uninstalled dirt 3 and reinstalled and it was fine. Then it happened again with Skyrim but it wasn't through steam and I gave up on it. Then I bought the deal off humblebundle.com that came with saints row the third through steam and when I try to run it the cpu and memory usage jumps up to 100% again. I use the SSD for the os and other programs and the HDD for games and media. I searched for a while about this problem but nothing solid on it was hoping someone here may have some experience with this. This computer is not even a year old and this is driving me crazy. I have re-installed windows since the first time it gave me this problem also if that makes a difference. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. Have you scanned for viruses and rootkits ?
  2. yes I checked for both and then uninstalled avast to see if that might be conflicting with it.
  3. Just as a check, Ctrl, Alt, Del, key all together.
    Start the task manager, and have a look for these in the processes tab of windows task manager.
    Stdrd.exe or Mediacentre.exe.
    If you find these take a note of how much cpu time they are taking up. It is Malware and very sneeky and takes up alot of the Cpu cycle time. To remove it use Malware antibytes.
  4. I checked the processes for those and they weren't on the list. I am stumped cause my other games work its just doing it with Saints Row the Third.
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