Powering off secondary display switches it to primary display

leaving my my primary monitor as secondary display, extending the display from my HDTV which is now turned off. This just started happening after a firmware upgrade.. not a recent one, probably one from back in March, but has persisted.

I have two 6850's crossfired. The setup I want, and what used to work fine is as follows: I have a monitor plugged into the DVI port which I always essentially want as primary display. I have an HDMI cable going from the same main 6850 going to an input of a A/V receiver. When the HDTV output of that receiver is turned on, I want it to be a secondary monitor which extends the display. This works fine, but the problem is when I turn off the TV--even with the A/V reciever still on--it switches the primary display to the now off TV and makes my monitory which is still on the extended display. The problem is, I want to use the A/V receiver to play audio from the PC while the secondary display (TV) is powered off.

I know this isn't an issue with any of the hardware, because this setup used to to work just find with all the current gear. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. any thoughts on this at all? anything i could help clarify?
  2. Got the same Issue,Same setup (Single 6870 though, but DVI to Monitor and HDMI to Amp just as you).

    Just an observation , All HDTV/HDMI/AVR issues have 1 thing in common, AMD cards. I mean thier cards are great but getting things setup and driver issues need to be more seamless.
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