does my NVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 card requires a a DVI-I cable?

hi, I installed a new 1GB Dell nVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 DDR3 PCI Express Dual DVI w/TV Out to replace the original Advanced Micro Devices, 1G, 5450 graphics card in my dell xps 8100. I also replaced my existing monitor with a generic 17inch monitor Now the computer will not boot. Apparently the nVIDIA GeForce GTS 240 card requires a a DVI-I cable, the one I have is a DVI-D. my IT friend was able to get my computer working with his DVI-I cable but when i brought it home i noticed the problem......i happened to have an DVI-I adapter so i tried that with the DVI-D cable that i have and the computer will still not boot. any suggestions????? Thank you
Peter (i'm new to this forum so sorry for the long description

My computer
Studio Xps, 8100
Processor, I5-650, 3.2, 4MB, Clarkdale, 73W,
DUAL IN-LINE MEMORY MODULE..., 2G, 1333, 128X64,
Hard Drive, 1TB, S2, 7.2K, Western Digital, XL500
Graphics, Advanced Micro Devices, 1G, 5450,
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  1. The cable is not your problem!
  2. then could it be the Bios settings?? i have tried F8 and still can't even get in to bios....the jumper cables perhaps?? i'm in over my head at this point....and this computer was working fine on friday :sweat:
  3. When you say boot do you mean turn on or show something on the monitor? The difference between DVI-I and DVI-D is that the I can carry analog video signal to a VGA monitor, the D only carrying digital signal to a digital monitor (DVI both ends)!
  4. Is your monitor a CRT by any chance? If so, it explains it all: it can only take analog signal, which DVI-I carries, while DVI-D carries only digital one.
  5. no the monitor is a standard vga
  6. no the monitor is a standard vga
  7. If the monitor is VGA then you need a DVI-I cable to get a display! DVI-D does not carry analog VGA signal!
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