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I had recently made a thread about not being able to boot. I was recently able to, and can continue to boot safe mood up untill the file (this is the last file that loads) "Loaded: \windows\systems32\drivers\classpnp.sys" if you know of anything particular that may help anyway that would be so helpful, Thank you.
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  1. Have you tried doing a windows repair?
  2. Thank you very much, I will try that promptly Thanks.
  3. If you need any help, just let us know.
  4. Yes I tried a windows repair, it gets stuck. The link to fix the error is for windows 2000 server. and I don't understand how to get the Hotfix. Sorry I am confused, It seems easy at a glance, Thanks again.
  5. That's my fault. I realized that, so I removed the link for the hotfix.

    Where does the windows repair get stuck?
  6. All it does is post then just hangs, same as booting regularly. Then my USB things all turn off. which includes my keyboard.
  7. From what I see here all i need to do is repair, but as I have said that doesn't work. lol thanks again
  8. Try cleaning the disc with a soft cloth and some water.

    Are there any smudges or scratches on it?
  9. I just made a brand new OS disk and a win 7 repair disk... no luck.... I have no idea how this happened
  10. Alrighty I am trying that, but i still can't boot at all to fix either drive, so i just unplugged HD1 and just tried to load a fresh copy of win 7 on HD2 and it posted and then just hung again. I now think it is a MoBo problem, b/c it can't be a software problem right??
  11. Has that disc been used to successfully install windows before? It seems more like an install problem, than a motherboard problem.
  12. Yes the disk has worked before and I tested the new one I made on my laptop, and it worked.
  13. Do you have a different DVD drive and data cable to try the install again?
  14. hmm interesting, yea I will give that a shot ty
  15. Yep, no such luck got to the same exact spots with the repair disk and with the install disk, good idea tho! Hmm this sucks... Thanks for all ur help!
  16. A long shot....

    but my guess is RAM.

    You seem to be familiar with PCs so I hope I am assuming right that you understand what I mean.

    I had a problem with a PC that would hang on install with a certain file and it wasn't until I swapped out the RAM that the installation completed.

    Do you have more than one stick of RAM on the PC? Try removing one for the install then the other if it doesn't work.

    Like I say a long shot, but who knows?

    I don't think mobo or PSU or HDD (because you have tried on two) is the culprit.
  17. I have tried one stick of ram with 6 different sticks... and I had this machine running before with the same ram no problem, just when I moved the pc it did this. I also ran that lil memory fixer that microsoft has, and I have tried booting without memory error or testers, as set in my bios, I am an optimistic person tho so i will try it again, thanks
  18. no dice, I just tried it again and the first time i got a memory error. which includes alot of beeping and a red flashing light, which of course made my roommate think I was setting off a bomb, but other than that nothing changed...
  19. Sorry I just reread your original post.

    You say that the install hangs during the POST?

    This could be a different problem then I envisioned.

    The POST is a BIOS / OS function. It isn't solely an operating system function.

    Have you tried resetting the BIOS to defaults?

    The error code points to HDD malfunction... but this could be for a number reasons. Cabling or failing HDD (which Aford has already pointed out).

    Because RAM troubleshooting can be time consuming I would clear the CMOS then try to see if the PC will boot past POST.
  20. LOL... you better warn them when you are going to use the microwave.

    Beeps are good.... can you tell us the beep code?

    e.g. one long - two short
  21. You did have some RAM installed when the beeping started?

    because that shouldn't happen
  22. I had just moved one 2 gb stick to the first position, and it beeped and flashed in a code that said that it was a memory error, so i turned it off then put the stick back in and it was fine, then just got stuck again... and they were just short, short, short, untill i turned it off lol, i will try clearing my cosmos with just one stick in
  23. oh and yea i have reset to recommended defaults as well earlier
  24. K so i just pulled the battery and then put it back after 15 seconds and tried to boot normally, no such luck. Then I tried to do system repair, same problem and now booting from the disk to make a new OS or to repair has also failed...
  25. It still hangs on POST?

    What happens when you power up with only PSU and RAM?

    No drives.
  26. How do you get to system repair if it doesn't boot past POST?
  27. Ideas Aford?
  28. wait, then i must misunderstand what posting is? to help clear up if i am to select boot normally it hangs at "Windows Loading" screen and then my usb things all turn off... if i go w/o drives it says missing boot mgr and says hit ctl + alt + del to restart
    sorry about that, my bad
  29. It sounds like it's POSTing correctly. Pacman is getting to the point where he can start the windows repair.

    You said you've moved. It's possible that during the move, the hard drives were jostled around enough to damage both of them. They can be rather fragile.

    You can try replacing suspect parts. You can try breadboarding, though, this shouldn't have much effect, since you are POSTing correctly.
  30. The POST sequence, is the hardware check to determine all the needed parts are present and working.

    The boot sequence is the process of the hardware loading windows.
  31. What is breadboarding? and both are being recognized in bios? A similar problem has happened once before when I first got my second hard drive, it did this same problem, and at that time i didn't have a laptop so i just worked with my friend at staples for a few hours and we didn't come up with an answer, we tried almost everything, even adding graphics cards with the possibility of the on board messing it up. But after working on it for a solid day nothing was fixed and then randomly The lights on my MoBo started blinking and I RMAed it. Got the same one back just fixed, poped it in and it worked, untill I drove it back to school. But it couldn't have been moving around all that much if at all. because it was securely stuck in between chairs, and my case has a really good clip system.
  32. Breadboarding is when you gut the case, and start from scratch. You place the motherboard outside the case, on something non-conductive (cardboard works good). You then plug in only the essentials (PSU, CPU/HSF, power switch, 1 stick of RAM). It's a good technique for diagnosing new build problems. However, you are successfully progressing through the POST sequence, so I'm not sure how much help it would be.

    Remove the hard drives, and shake them next to your ear. Do you hear anything rattling around?
  33. k k ty i will shake my drives when i get back from class, ty all for all the help hope we get it soon
  34. NP...we'll figure it out, there's not that many things that can be causing this.
  35. When i shook one of my drives I heard nothing, but the other one which is just a drive that I fill with random stuff, sounded a little like when i shook it, it was spinning. Which is good? or are both or neither? ty
  36. It should be ok, as long as you don't hear anything rattling in there.
  37. Nope! no rattling *whew* any new ideas? lol sorry i am using the two of u so much!
  38. Have you tried copying the OS disc, and using the copy to try the repair?

    I think I'd start by replacing the cables (cheapest step).

    I'd then replace the hard drive.

    If it still doesn't work, I'd replace the DVD drive.

    Hopefully it works by here.
  39. At this time I don't really have the resources to do that,
    the way I see it is that it prob isn't the cables b/c everything is getting power and sending a signal to bios, I have tested other sata cables that I have and don't think that many can fail at once

    Then bios see's both of my DVD drives, odds of both of them failing at the same time is low

    Then HD one is 6 years old and the other is less then 6 months old, but both are seen in bios and neither sound broken, when spinning or when I shake it.

    OS disks, I have 4 various OS copy's all of which have been tested and working.

    So now I am left with the MotherBoard or CPU. And I want to put my money on the BioStar mother board b/c it has had issues before and it is BioStar so it is flimsy and cheap.

    Anyone see a flaw with my reasoning? thanks
  40. Do any of the other OS discs work?

    The fact that the devices show up in the BIOS, doesn't mean all that much. The device giving off it's ID is one thing, but being able to perform it's function is another.

    If you think it's the motherboard, then by all means, go for it. They can do odd things when they want to. It just wouldn't be my first thought with this type of problem.
  41. Nah no OS disks are working :( in either drive for either HD BTW how is Gigabyte boards? there is a nice one that is cheap, but still can run my processor and a future processor i would get but still has a good amount of PCI slots and ram specs and usb and sata amounts, and other stuff I like in a board. Have you had any problems with yours? the reviews look good on newegg for the one I am looking at.
  42. Gigabyte and Asus have become the top motherboard manufacturers. Generally, they are very solid with nice features. Which one are you looking at?
  43. was the gigabyte one i liked, depending on what BioStar says about the warranty which is supposed to be three years I may or may not get a new board
  44. That's a pretty nice board. What's your CPU?
  45. The Asus is a little higher end.
  46. I only got a AMD Phenom 9600 Agena 2.3GHz Socket AM2+ 95W Quad-Core nothing special, but gets the job done
  47. oh wait the asus doesn't support the cpu my bad lol
  48. Good catch, I missed that one.
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