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Hey guys, upgrading my computer in the next week and would like to know what kind of frames to expect when maxed out at 1080p on... surprise surprise... bf3.

I'll have:

i5 3570k cpu(overclocked to about 4ghz?) with this cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 CPU DT 4 Heat Pipe Cooler with 120mm Silent Fan
2TB WD WD2002FAEX Caviar Black, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache OEM
8GB (2x4GB) Corsair DDR3 XMS3, PC3-12800 (1600), Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 9-9-9-24, 1.65V
800W PSU

I'm using the Haf 932 case.

I would also like to know if it'd be okay to put another GTX 480 in for SLI. Do I have enough power and would my system get too hot?

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  1. 60+
  2. JefferyD90 said:

    what do you mean by this

    to answer the question yeah it should work fine(add more fans to the case if you are worried)
  3. You asked about how many FPS your set up would get for battlefield 3... I get 60 all the time (I turn vertical sync on) and you can see my set up...

    So I said "60+" so I say that you will get 60+FPS, given all of your drivers are installed correctly.
  4. yep... sounds like a nice system,,, you should atcually think about getting the gtx 670 or 680 instead of the 580

    this may help your decision

  5. Sorry but I'm getting the vibe you misread my 480 for a 580 :P but thank you(sadly can't get a gpu upgrade for a while though), my last processor is a Q9650 at 3.0Ghz and 4gb of ddr2 RAM at 400mhz (I'm guessing it's actually 800) so I'm looking for a vast performance increase.

    What made me upgrade was that my harddrive was filling up, only had like 30 put of 1000gb left and the old mobo asus p5q plus only had 3gb/s SATA.

    Anyway, i was having to play BF3 at low settings where it still stuttered now and then... So I was hoping you'd be able to tell me how this new setup will work.
  6. Well honestly BF3 should have played with that last setup at medium settings just fine. Im here to tell you, you can have the worlds best video card and processor but if you dont have a good install of windows and all the latest drivers, games will not perform how they are supose to.
  7. Well I'm biting my lip right now because I just found the memory remap option in my bios yesterday (always had to use only 3.3Gb of my 4gb RAM). So when I made it so my whole 4gb could be used I played bf3 and it played fine and then I put it up to ultra and even then I played fine but I could see on my task manager my RAM was around the 3.8gb area and that must be why it was going so slow due to it having to use VRAM instead... Now I just need to feel better about my purchase lol.
  8. so wait im sorry im lost what did you buy? a 580?
  9. No lol not sure where you're getting the 580 from. I just bought the hard drive, mobo, cpu and ram
  10. oh ok... no there is no reason to regret your buy... you are making you computer stronger and more up to date... so there is no reason to feel bad about it... eventually you should get a new graphics but other than that you made a good choice
  11. Yeah it was just a lot of money though for stuff that might not make much difference. Thanks though. :)
  12. yeah i know what you mean im doing a upgrade soon and the total cost will be 1100$ for just the cpu and gpu(possibly motherboard)
  13. Ouch... I guess your looking forward to it though, when all said is done I'm looking forward to installing my new stuff. It'll be my first time doing it myself as well so that's exciting.
  14. yeah... im excited but i got to wait a while for products that im getting to be released so yeah... Yeah I mean your getting a nice upgrade that should last you a while
  15. Ah cool, what are you waiting for to be released?
  16. the Piledrivers(from what i hear they will be good) also a new intel cpu(forgot the name) really it comes down too when i buy which one will give me the best performance for my budget :D
  17. Bulldozer and Piledriver both will be better with the release of Windows 8... Its just the simple fact that Windows does not allocate threads to the correct core so its not max'ed out. Also, I hear, but with no confirm from AMD, that Piledriver will support Quad Channel Memory... If this is so, Piledriver systems could see 20%+ improvement considering the difference that would bring to the memory bandwidth.
  18. I've never heard of the Piledrivers before. It's a funny name for a cpu. haha. I don't like what I've heard or seen from Windows 8 however except from it's boot times and what you've just said. But see how you're saying Windows 8 will now allocate threads properly, would that not be the same for the intel cpu's as well?
  19. Windows 8 Release Preview actually gives about 10% better performance overall in games. I really like Windows 8 and the people that dont, are simply ignorant, they are not good with change. Microsoft has done a really great job with it, yes its a big learning curve, but I find everything in a much easier place to locate. I wont be flipping between 20 different menus just to reset my wireless adapter or whatever, everything has been made much simpler.
  20. Thanks for giving me a more optimistic view of it. :)
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