Fps drops in hd 6870

Hi, my problem is this. I buyed a xfx hd 6870 some time ago and the truth is that since i installed it i always have massive fps drops with absolutely all games. I tryed everything from cleaning the dust, updating drivers, etc. but nothing works. The last thing i do was a fresh windows install so have the latest drivers but didnt work. When i say its with all games i mean ALL games no matter how old it is. The game im doing all test now is Dirt 3, i put all settings to low and res to 800x600 and nothing happens, still the same. Im pretty sure its the gpu fault cause before i installed the card i played perfectly fine with the onboard graphics. My specs are

GPU XFX Radeon HD 6870
CPU AMD Phenom X6 1090t
RAM 4Gb (2x2GB) Adata XPG 1600G
MOBO Gigabyte 890GPAUD3H
PSU Cooler Master Silent ProM 700W

The drops are every 1 sec during another 1 sec so... that makes unplayable all games especially the ones like Dirt 3. I been using fraps to check fps and always drops from 60 to 10-20 aprox. So please help, i dont wanna throw to garbage my 6870.
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  1. Can very well be a bad card, check with XFX about RMA!
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