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First of all i apologies about my poor English skills.

I had this computer for about 4-6 months already and it was working perfectly until when i turned off my computer yesterday morning and when i tried turning it back on in the afternoon the computer shutoffs straight away, Sometimes it makes it pass the boot logo and sometime it doesn't. ever since this happened every time i tried to turn my computer on it would come up an message saying cpu fan error, i checked my heat sink and made sure everything was correctly plugged in.

right now it seems to be working fine since i'm using it to type this but its only working because i took out all my ram stick and place only one in, i did this before with the same single ram stick in an different slot but the computer still shutdown after around 20-30 mins of browsing.

my specs are
i7-3930k 3.2ghz
Asus rampage iv extreme
2x gtx 590
6x4gb corsair dominator-gt
enermax revolution85+ 1250w
Western Digital Green 2TB
corsair h80
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    Reset your CMOS, it looks like a Overclocking failure.
  2. thanks :D that seems to do the trick
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