Corsair TX750M vs OCZ ZT 750W

I've recently got a new motherboard and second Graphics card (ASUS HD6870) to go in crossfire with my current one (ASUS HD6850) but I needed and extra 6pin connection on the power supply (three 6pin connections in total).

I've had a search around and couldn't find anything comparing these two specifically. I found some with the Corsair TX750 V2 but this is the TX750M (the modular one) I don't know how different it is.
These are the two PSU's I've found which do you think is better?
I personally couldn't find much difference between the two other then the OCZ one being slightly cheaper and fully modular so any information is helpful thanks.
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  1. Definatly the Corsair, but, there is this really good deal on a Seasonic from Newegg:
  2. I would also go for the TX750. More specifcally the v2 not the M, I heard the TX-750v2 is made by seasonic and the TX-750 is made by CWT. That being said Seasonic builds really good power supplies. Anyways here are some alternatives:
  3. The ZT is fully modular and the corsair is semi-modular. I would go with the corsair because they are a bit more trustworthy.
  4. Just wanted to say if your computer case has cable management then just hide all those unnecessary wires there and so you can buy a non-modular power supply. I would say modular power supplies start to be important when you don't have cable management and there loose wires just hang around in the case restricting airflow.
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