Thermaltake or Fractal

I was thinking of getting a fractal design R4 windowed but having looked at the thermaltake cases I really like them and Im torn. I would like a couple opinions on which case to get or if there's a case that beats both of them
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  1. fractal design R4 is built for those who prefer quietness Fractal Design has done a good job of keeping the look of the chassis identical to that of previous generations even if the actual chassis frame has changed considerably.If your looking for a case that's got good cable management, really quiet and sleek looking i highly recommend it.
  2. I've built with 2 fractal cases, very nice to build with, the define mini i've got is quiet, thinking of using it for a main build as its quite roomy with good flow.
  3. fractal design R4 windowed is a very good case. I would suggst getting that . If not point to corsair /CM/Nzxt case.
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