PSU may have died?

The other day I was using my pc fine shut off including the switch on the back. Then roughly 45 minutes later I attempted to boot again and it didn't do anything, no led fans no power indicator nothing Or so I thought. I booted it again presuming it was just a fluke and I happened to have my headset plugged in and while it booted it made a pulsed clicking sound that stayed constant. So my dilemma is what on earth is the problem? Is the PSU fried or is the mobo none responsive?
PSU: Xtreme Gear 800 watt from cyber power.
Mobo: MSI z68a-g43 g3
Cpu: Intel I5 2500k but not overclocked
Gpu: EVGA Gtx 570 SC HD
Thanks need some help!
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  1. I'm going to blame the power supply since it's from xtreme gear.
  2. You could try to test with a good quality 550 watt power supply to see if your system will power up. Check all connections before removeing old power supply.
  3. Wow, why spend so much on a computer and cheap out on the PSU! you could well have fried all those components costing you a lot more than a good quality PSU would have cost
  4. Cyber Power is known for equipping their PC's with really terrible Power Supplies, wouldn't be surprised if it was the culprit. Hopefully your other parts are undamaged though.
  5. Hopefully every other component is ok and since it was shut down fine anyway. The thing was when I booted the pc nothing did turn on not even the fans so I think everything will be fine. As soon as I then shut it off I unplugged all the internal connections. I realize I cheaped out on the psu but Im getting in contact with cyber power so they could diagnose everything since they did sell it to me + its under warranty. I unfortunately don't have an additional psu lying around, found a nice thermal take though at best buy so may purchase that and if it works ill diagnose it myself you etc. Thanks for the replies and if you have any more advise take a shot!
  6. Don't go for the thermaltake one as well, generally thermaltake power supplies are just as bad. Try sticking to Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic, OCZ, PCP & C. Best if you list the model of the thermaltake power supply since I do recall very few of them being good/okay. Also if you want just post your budget and we will all be glad to find you a replacement power supply given you can provide us the country you live in so we can get the correct website for searching for a power supply.
  7. Fantastic here my budget and country.
    Roughly 150 $ and North America.
    Not bril when it comes to PSU info so ill hand that off to you guys thanks a lot!
  8. err...canada or america? There is two parts of newegg with different prices.
  9. America.
  10. Btw I am a fan of corsair and ocz best cooling and ssd I've ever had
  11. I am confused though these are 550-600 watt psu's. I currently have 800 watts, shouldnt I get the same or was it just to much since my card does hog a lot of power or was I just "conned" by cyber power?
  12. I believe the GTX 570 uses around 220 watts at MAX, and the 2500k would be something around 95 watts (TDP is 95 watts but does not mean how much it energy it consumes, I would say less than 95 watts). So basically you were conned by cyber power but then again for low quality power supplies like yours it really did not put down 800 watts but was falsely labelled. It probably put something like 500-600 watts down.
  13. Ok so ill have gander at the links again and choose one and report back when I receive it or when cyber power decides to actually have tech support..... Wondering though what is the likely hood the other components are damaged? As I said it didn't just cut out during usage it shutdown successfully. Then on boot nothing. So maybe in between that time frame the psu degraded? Just curious most likely have a look in it once its replaced successfully. And yes I will short any residual power.
  14. Not too sure about if anything got damaged, but I have heard people having their power supplies stop all of a sudden and their parts did not get damaged.
  15. I do plan in the future as well is when the future nvidia gtx 700 series comes out to purchase one most likely a x80. So I presume the power requirements will continue to drop so when I upgrade mobo and cpu ill be good with the psu?
  16. Yep generally the trend I have been noticing is cards becoming much more efficient in terms of power draw and being better than its predecessor with each new release of a series. Well I've been looking at only ATI/AMD cards but I am sure the same applies to Nvidia cards.
  17. Gonna report back when get some sort of cyber power response or when psu is replaced. Thanks again.

    Fair power supply, has some necessary features in order to ensure the protection of your parts. You are able to SLI your GPU if you decide to pick up another card
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