Positive Airlow: 400CFM; Negative Airflow: 125CFM Too Positive?

Is my positive airflow too high? I have 6X140MM fans (2 Front, 2 Bottom, 2 Top) set for intake and 2X120mm fans (2 back on H80i) set for exhaust. All my intakes have dust filters on them. My rig has the following:

Asus P9X79 Pro
Corsair AX850
Corsair Vengance 64GB 1866Mhz
Corsair H80i
(2) EVGA GTX 670 4GB
(2) Samsung 840 Pro SSD
(2) Seagate 2TB HD
(1) Blu-Ray Burner
(1) CD Burner
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  1. Does your case fill up with dust often? are your temps not what you want? if the answer is No to both of these questions, don't worry your head about it all.

    if the answer is yes to either/all, then change something, what case do you have btw?

    (oh and nice system, very cool)
  2. Thx iixwh3l4nxii! I have a Anidees AI6BS Silent (http://www.anidees.com/products.html). Temps are 55-60ish.
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