Intel Pentium 4 in a HP Pavilion ze5600

I recently obtained a HP Pavilion ze5620us (which is a laptop). It had a 2.8 GHz Intel Celeron (That was a northwood), and after extensive research I decided that it was using a desktop processor, and I had a 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 (That I thought was a prescott but is recognized as a northwood) laying around, that appeared to be the same socket.

So I tore the Laptop apart, and replaced the Celeron with the Pentium 4. I then crossed my fingers and started it up. It started. But then when I looked at the specifications of the cpu, it didn't match the CPU. The Bios recognizes it as a 2.0 GHz Pentium 4. Windows Recognizes it as as 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz.

In CPU-Z it says it has a multiplier of 15 when the multiplier should be around 30, but there is no place to set the multiplier in the BIOS. There is also no place to set SpeedStep either. I want to get the CPU to run at 3.0 GHz but I don't know where to go from here.

Could you people help me?
If anymore information would be helpful let me know.
Thanks a TON!,
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  1. (1) install the latest BIOS that is available for your laptop. That may get it to recognize and correctly init for the CPU.

    (2) consider the power draw differences between a cpu configured for notebook and one for desktops. The notebook MB is probably not configured to give you enough current to drive the p45 at 3ghz so you are lucky it didn't try. P4 3.0 is a ~80 W part. You goto full frequency the MB may melt. (Surprised they used northwood celeron 2.8 @65w). Laptop must be a monster. Bet the external brick is huge. 100w ?
  2. It's a 90W PSU. Whenever I update the bios it causes a bluescreen. But I ended up finding a 2.66GHz Northwood Pentium 4, that ended up being recognized correctly. I would still eventually like to upgrade to the 3.0 GHz but the 2.66GHz Pentium 4 ended up being worlds faster than the celeron...
  3. nice. Getting a working CPU swap in a laptop. not many try it.
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