Best gtx 670 brand

i wanna buy a gtx 670 but i want to know which brand is the best

at first i looked for the gigabyte windforce but bad reviews and supposedly lots of noise because of the 3 fans

well the point is what is better, msi, evga, asus, gigabyte, etc
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  1. None is really better Asus, Msi, EVGA or Gigabyte. If you are talking about user reviews then I would take them with a grain of salt since you will find bad reviews for the other brands as well.
    If noise is the issue then Asus and MSI have usually the quietest cooling solutions.
  2. EVGA apparently is a great brand. Recently they had some cards that had some hardware defects and customers got a free upgrade to a factory overclocked version from a reference design.

    I would go for the one that has the longest/best warranty as well as the best price in your range.
  3. well what i referred was the cost-performance ratio, that why i mentioned the gigabyte because it has the highest core clock at the same cost than the other ones, and has 3 fan so that mean great cooling, and in the reviews i mean the people reviews on newegg or other pages.

    well anyways now i am convinced that the asus overclocked factory is the best for $30 dollars more because of the core clock, the giant pipes and the 2 big fans

    thanks for the replies
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