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What is perhaps the best Modular 500W-650W PSU?

I was originally going to get a Corsair HX650, but I looked at reviews and saw that they made a chirping noise. That concerned me, but I cannot find another PSU. I want a modular 500W-650W PSU that can support a GTX 670 FTW. Could anyone point me in the direction of a good PSU between $50-$100?
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  2. Wait, the first one was the one I was talking about. Did it have a chirping noise?
  3. There no reason to spend the extra money on a fully modular.Semi modular is just as good and generally cheaper Here:
  4. Here is a highly rated PSU that I would have no problem putting in two GTX670's in SLI on - I own one, I like it. SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold
    reviwed here (linked to conclusion page)
  5. Seasonic, their PSU's are somewhat expensive, but it's the best manufacturer.

    MII12 620 Watts Semi-Modular:

    M12II 650:

    But if you really want a solid Power Suppy, this one's are great:

    Fully modular, more expensive but it's a high quality PSU.
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  7. Thanks! Since pretty much all of you recommended the Seasonic M12II, I might get it.
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