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Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe , upgraded processor and only black screen

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July 21, 2012 3:13:08 AM

asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe upgraded processor and bios and only get black screen with new processor ( Phenom X4 9550) Please helpppp

Ive recantly got a phenom X4 9550 from ebay to upgrade from my Athlon X2 3800 so I can play some modern games on my old gaming rig but Ive had various problems getting it going , the latest improvement was upgrading the bios to the appropriate version suggested on the asus website and at-least the power stays on ( as before the bios update it would power off after a few seconds).

Im pretty confident the power supply is powerful enough but will go check tommorow if no other suggestions are come up with and the full specs will be posted.

The old processor still works with the bios upgrade so i doubt its that , if anyone can help Ill be forever gratefull :) 

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July 21, 2012 3:33:16 AM

did you have at least the 1502 bios the 9550 could also be defective
July 21, 2012 3:49:00 AM

are you sure you installed the newer processor correctly into the connector? I know it seems foolish, but I have to ask.
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July 21, 2012 1:05:27 PM

that is the bios i flashed it to, would this mean the processors defective? , I may also try flashing it to an even more resant bios just in case that bios was defective.

Im pretty sure I installed the processor correctly as i swiched then over a few times and everything went in fine and the old one worked everytime , could this also be the PSU as the new processor takes allot more power then the old one? The Power supply's like 675W or somthing but its very old (around 6 or so years) so was wondering if this could cause the problem and this would be easyer to rectorfy
a b B Homebuilt system
a b Ĉ ASUS
July 21, 2012 6:14:05 PM

did you got a friend that use the same king of processor that it could try it on is board so you will see if this cpu is good or not
July 22, 2012 2:57:12 AM

I dont have a friend with a AM2+ compatable board , all my friends use intel. Ive messege the seller on ebay and am going to return it. cheers for all the help though :)  it is appreciated