Need help with new build; power keeps restarting


I just bought parts today and built a new computer

Here is what I bought:

i5 3570K
MSi Z77A-G43 motherboard
Corsair Veangence RAM
Western Digital 500 GB HDD
GTX 560 Corsair CX600 PSU
Sony DVD Drive

Anyways, the problem is that the power keeps turning on then off then on then off. I can tell because the fans in the case and CPU fan and video card fan spins then stops then spins then stops over and over. This is my 2nd time building a system, well the last time I built a PC which was like 5 years ago I had no such problem. I get no video because the power keeps restarting. Is it possible that the power supply is bad? Maybe RAM? Or is it something else. Thank you
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  1. Have you put standoffs behind the motherboard? if you'v screwed it directly to the case, it will be shorting out.

    I assume the CPU fan is plugged in, most motherboards wont start unless its plugged in.

    All power cables in, the important ones are the 24pin ATX cable and the 4pin CPU cable.

    Try connecting an old PSU which you know works into the rig, if it starts it may be the new PSU.

    Try general troubleshooting, see if the system works outside the case on a non-conductive surface, if it doesnt remove all non-essential components and add them back one at a time to see if it's any one component that's failing.
  2. email the mb vendor..see what bios is needed to post with your ib chip. could nto find that info on msi web page. but there is a few bios updates for cpu code. also check your mb and box to see what rev the bios is. on newer mb if it not a power issue it a ram issue..the mb trys to set the mb ram speed and timing from the spd info and cant and goes into a reboot loop. try pulling all the ram out and see if the fans change how they act..then put one dimm back in.
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