Need help picking a graphics card for a picky motherboard.

Ok well i thought i would have a simple, video card upgrade so i could play D3 on all high.

Currently im playing it on a Sapphire HD3850, which is still playable on "high" settings but gets choppy during intense action.

Ok well i think my motherboard is a POS, but i have to deal, as i dont have enough money to build a new rig.

Im thinking the motherboard i have does not handle new GPU well, either AMD or Nvidia based.

Heres why:

PNY GTX 550 Ti: when i swapped out my old gpu for the 550 ti, i was having trouble with it getting pass the "starting windows" screen. I thought it was a driver issue, but i did a full clean install of windows 7 and it hung at "starting windows" as soon as it did its first initial restart.

I then went back to Best Buy and swapped it out for Radeon based GPUs:

XFX HD 6770: when i installed the card and turned on the machine, NOTHING appeared on my monitor. It didnt even detect and signal. I tried everything i could to get it on, but i know its not my PSU (700W) and started to conclude that its my motherboard (asus m2a-mvp). I even tried the my theory that gddr3 would work and not gddr5 so i swapped the 6770 for a 6750 and no luck.

I want to buy a used video card through craigslist, but dont want to take a risk buying it, and not being able to use it.

What card do you guys think i can pick up to replace my 3850 to play d3 on high?

Keep in mind, when i built my pc and chose my mobo, crossfire was kinda new and 38xx/48xx were new at the time.

Im originall thinking of just upgrading to a 4870/4890 but i wanna know what else there is.
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  1. Nothing to do with the Vram installed on the card! Your board might have issues with version 2.1 cards like the HD6xxx cards. Did you check for BIOS update that might have fixed the issue (does not exist for all boards)?
    The GTX550 is a version 2.0 and should work fine but possibly you had a bad card.
    HD4870/90 or GTX260 would be in the same performance group as HD6770 GTX550Ti.
  2. no i tried 2 different pny 550 ti from best buy to try it out...

    It intially works, but after its first initial restart it gets stuck at "starting windows" and the windows logo never shows up.

    Even w/ a fresh install
  3. Did you use a driver sweeper to clean out all of the AMD drivers before installing the nVidia card? Try to update your bios then try installing your 560 ti and boot in safe mode.

    While in safe mode check device manager and see if your system see's it. Also you can see if your system see's it in the bios. Hit the delete key when booting and keep hitting the key untill the bios shows up.

    If you have any more problems please repost. Good luck to you.
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