GTX 670 on the way, need monitor upgrade

Just ordered my GTX 670 FTW and now I'm looking at monitors. I need some help deciding on whether I should get the 23" or the 27" catleap. I'm also considering the cheaper TN panels on amazon since they cost about half as much, but I keep reading about how awesome the catleaps are (plus u can OC them which is kinda cool).

Is there a big difference between playing at 60 fps and 120 fps? Or gaming on a 60 hz monitor vs 120 hz?
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  1. there is a difference between 60 and 120 fps or 60hz and 120hz but human eye can not differentiate between need 120hz monitor only if you have a monster graphics setup that can crack 120 fps.
    i would say grab a 24" 1080p Asus monitor if you are gaming.
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