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As I was playing Mount and Blade, my screen slowly froze and my system immediately shut down. My rig is from May 2009 and hasn't given me any big problems before. Upon starting it up again, everything works just fine yet I can't get a video signal. Also, the d1601 d1602 d1603 lights are lit red atop my video card. Everything gets power except my keyboard. It's an odd predicament.

I disassembled and reassembled the entire rig, cleaning thoroughly and organizing it better than ever before. Runs quiet as a dream, but still doesn't work. I've used VGA, dvi, hdmi, a different card/monitor to no avail. Now I assume it is either the mobo or PSU. My components are as follows:

Intel i7 920
Asus P6T mobo
Corsair 650w
Radeon 4890 OCd
Cooler Master V8

My mobo warranty just ran out 2 months ago. Any ideas? Thank you.
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  1. check if the voltage is set correctly on the back of the psu
  2. Yea, I say its probably a heating issue, something got too hot and poped... does it beep any?
  3. JefferyD90 said:
    Yea, I say its probably a heating issue, something got too hot and poped... does it beep any?

    I'm not exactly sure how to check the voltage... There's no visual indicator or anything.

    Heating issue? I wasn't playing anything demanding whatsoever and my case is heavily ventilated. So you're saying it's a motherboard issue?
  4. Beep codes, we need beep codes :)
  5. JefferyD90 said:
    Beep codes, we need beep codes :)

    0 beeps upon start up :/
  6. Yea, if its not producing any beep codes that means the motherboard is not making it to the POST testing. This could be CPU or Motherboard. If it was the video card, and the motherboard was ok, you would get a beep during testing. If it was memory same thing would apply. Sometimes with CPU's they wont boot at all, so it is kinda hard to tell. I think it probably got hot (Intels are HORIABLE at getting hot) and some resistor or circuit poped thus it is not able to complete a specific circuit and it turns into a power hoging brick.
  7. I find it odd that it would overheat as it was super quiet and well ventilated, has an aftermarket cooler and was completely capable of the processes I was running.

    Anyhow, it's old as you can see and I was planning to upgrade regardless soon. Would you suggest I get a new CPU and see if that works or do more extensive troubleshooting to find out exactly what the problem is?
  8. If you was looking to upgrade I would just buy a really cheap CPU to see if that is the problem... Honestly there isnt much I woudnt think the origonal CPU couldnt do. And it might be the motherboard that got hot. ASUS is usually VERY good at creating great time tested motherboards. If you have cleared the CMOS and it doesnt give you any beeps then its something with the motherboard or CPU.

    You can try taking the RAM out or something to "make" it beep, but if you dont get any beeps then the motherboard is not making it to POST and that is dependant only on the board itself and CPU.
  9. Wouldn't I then have to buy a CPU of my mobo's socket type (LGA1366) for it to be compatible?
  10. If I used this opportunity to just upgrade the CPU I'd have to get a new mobo anyway to future proof it, right? I heard LGA1366 is being phased out completely this year. Honestly, I don't know much about socket types, compatibility or their limitations if that isn't already apparent.
  11. Intel likes to do that. But its whatever if you want to get a new Mobo and CPU its up to you. But honestly its not a bad set up as is.
  12. Yeah, but I can't find any CPUs that fit a LGA1366 to use as a "test" under $100. At least not on your usual hardware sites.
  13. Yea, well if you cant RMA anything... Seems like its time for a upgrade.
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