Asus drw-24b1st driver missing


I'm new here and just finished, or rather in the middle of, my first build. I at the point of installing Win 7 Pro SP1. The install disk is read fine initially and starts the load process but when I select Install windows I get 'A required CD/DVD device driver is missing'. I've looked all over for a driver for this puppy but it's no where to be found, at least I can't find it.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Thanks Roger
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  1. Are you using a BLU-Ray optical drive? Often they don't work until you get a bit of software that kind of acts like a driver.

    Normal DVD-RW drives do not require drivers, though you can still get software for them.
  2. Thanks manofchalk for responding. Turns out it has nothing to do with the CD/DVD. I was missing the RAID driver. After installing that I was off and runnng.

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