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I'm looking for a pair of headphones with mic for online gaming for about $50. I'm not huge into sound where it has to be a perfect surround sound as long as I can hear vent, game, and sounds while people can hear me when I talk I'm all good.

The downside is I wear glasses full time (hate contacts) and most headsets don't fit correctly or after a while start pinching in and causing pain on my ears where my frames are.

Any and all help would be nice. Been looking on here, newegg, and amazon but no reviews really say anything about them and the few I have are all over $100 and it's not worth it to me to spend that much.
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  1. I have this.
    Doesn't bother me when I play with glass. But I payed half that.

    I would consider this.
    Cups look similar and I've had a great experience with rosewill customer service(shipped part free, through newegg, with no return required), their quality has gone up, and if you reviews you can find some great stuff. Specs look pretty decent too.

    Searching the reviews for "glasses" shows kinda mixed between "no pain at all" and "all headsets hurt anyway" I suspect it depends on your frames.
  2. Thanks man, really apperciate it.
  3. I decided to go with the Rosewill RHTS-8206. Great reviews people seem to like them and newegg has a great price. Thanks for the help.
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