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I'm currently deployed and returning home very soon. I have extra money to spend and will be upgrading my current PC. This will be mainly for gaming. The games I play are Battlefield 3, Diablo 3, Left for Dead, Star Wars Old Republic before I deployed.

i7 930 @ 3.8ghz
6gb ram
750w psu (Hoping this will stand up to just one 690)
2x 9800 gtx SLI (replacing)

I will be buying a GTX 690 for the purpose of running 3 monitors. I've been out of the loop on monitors for years and am clueless what to look for. 120hz, ips, etc... I'm aiming towards 3 24 inch monitors.

What brands/models are ideal? Hopefully I can spend around $200 - $300 tops on each monitor, but I'm open to all suggestions.

Also, I've been looking at monitor mounts (my desk is small and I prefer it small for the purpose of moving around), but the decent ones are $300 - $400 which seems ridiculous. Are there any cheaper ones available that hold 3 monitors? Or perhaps better/easier solutions? I thought about building my own.

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  1. How about you spend $650 on a GTx 680 4GB and buy 3 24" monitor 1920x1080 with $800 for monitors?... 690 is rare these days, cant really find them...
  2. The money isn't the issue really, I "could" get more expensive monitors. I'm just curious as to what I should get.
  3. Most 'names' that seem to appear most in the reviews are Dell, HP, Samsung, and LG, with the Dell ultrasharp 27" being the beast of choice for many. However, there are many more that make very acceptable monitors for gaming. You may want to consider monitors that carry display port input to future proof your monitors, and you will need at least 120 Hz if you're considering 3D, along with all the other specs to consider power consumption, bezel size, pixel pitch, pixel size, resolution required, and refresh rate, 5 m/s seems acceptable to many although 2m/s seems prefered. Good luck with your search.
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